Discussion Board 1: Do you believe social media can boost a business’s sales? Why, or why not? What are some examples from your own experience?

Discussion Board 2: Please share what concepts make up the foundation of managerial decision-making?


Discussion Board 3: Despite the economic progress that the U.S. has observed in the past century, the standard of living remains extremely low in many countries. Consider the following regarding poverty in developing countries:
• Why are some countries relatively wealthy while others are not?
• Consider some primary differences between countries. Which differences do you expect to affect economic growth and wealth?
• Can you think of anything else that can help other countries to achieve economic growth?

Discussion Board 4: In the Unit I Lesson, VanderStoep and Pintrich (2003) identify five behaviors of motivated learners that lead to achievement or success:

Smart choices – Effort – Persistence – Engagement – Belief system, values and motivation.

Select one of the five behaviors and describe how you can use this behavior to be successful in this class.

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