Daphne A. Brooks wrote:

“We are experiencing a new golden age of protest music, that much is sure. You could say its moment emerged near the goalposts of Levi’s Stadium last month, on the mark where Beyoncé, the biggest and longest-reigning megastar musician of her generation, executed an inspired, insurgent assault on the media. There, in the Super Bowl interval, with pyrotechnics blazing and her signature all-female drumline flanking her from side to side, Our Lady Bey launched into Formation, swinging a pro-capitalist, black-is-beautiful anthem that rhapsodised about her “Givenchy dress”, southern “hot sauce” and “Jackson Five nostrils” as an affirmation of swaggering black pleasure and joy in the face of black life under duress.”

Do you think her music provides her audience with a  global stage on which they can get information from, and help them ” to withstand the brutality of repressive law enforcement”  in their daily lives as Brooks claims. Explain your viewpoint with supporting evidence.

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