Discussion Boards (please provide enough VALUABLE information)

  1. Top commissioned salespeople can earn substantial compensation. In some situations, the top salespeople can earn more in some months than the sales manager who manages them. Do you think the earning of top salespeople should be capped so their earnings do not exceed their manager’s?
  2. Examine the following variables that could affect the price of oil:

    Tax credits were offered for expenditures on home insulation.
    b. The Alaskan pipeline was completed.
    c. A supposed ceiling on the price of oil was removed.
    d. A new, very large deposit of oil was discovered.
    e. Buyers in large numbers all of the sudden started driving large sport utility vehicles. F. The use of nuclear power suddenly decreased.

    Choose any two of the above variables, and describe how your selections would affect oil prices based on the supply and demand analysis. 

  3. Discuss your feelings about bounded awareness and its various components.How has bounded awareness prevented you from making a good decision in your life or business?

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