CASE PROBLEM:  The Northwest Herald, a newspaper in Illinois, regularly received e-mail reports from area police departments about criminal arrests. The paper published the information, which is proper because the reports are public records. One day, the Herald received an e-mail stating that Carolene Eubanks had been charged with theft and obstruction of justice. The paper put that information into an issue that was to be published four days later. Several hours after the original e-mail had been received, the police issued another e-mail, explaining that Eubanks had not been charged with anything; the correct name was Barbara Bradshaw. Due to a long weekend, no one at the Herald noticed the e-mail until after the paper had been published. The following day, five days after the e-mails had been received, the paper published a correction. Eubanks sued the Herald for libel and for invasion of privacy. Does Eubanks have a good case for either tort? Why or why not. Explain.

  • First — Read Ch 1, p 10-11 – Basic Steps in Legal Reasoning and Appendix A, p A-3 – Legal Analysis and Reasoning. At the end of these readings, you should understand the IRAC method which we will be using in our case analyses all semester.
  • Second — write an analysis of the case problem posted above using the IRAC metho

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