Read Discussion Case 1, The Homeless, in Chapter 14 (page 361).

Respond to the following question in a paper of 1,200–2,000 words:

  • Does society have any responsibility to do anything for people like Joe?
    • Why or why not?
  • Choose a position, and defend it using the theories and theorists from the text and your own outside research.

Make sure to provide citations and references in APA format.

“The Homeless”

The Homeless. Joe was laid off two years ago from the auto repair company where he had worked for fifteen years. For the first year he tried to get another job. He read the want ads and left applications at local employment agencies. After that, he gave up. He had little savings and soon had no money for rent. He has been homeless now for a year. He will not live in theshelters because they are crowded, noisy, and unsafe. As time goes by, he has less and less chance of getting back to where he was before. When he can, he drinks to forget the past and escape from the present. Other people he meets on the streets are developmentally disabled or psychologically disturbed. He realizes that the city offers some things to try to help people like him, but there is little money and the numbers of homeless people seem to be growing.

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