Turnitin – The Most Promising Plagiarism Checker

It is no doubt that plagiarism is a severe offense and is treated as an ethical infraction of school or workplace honor code. A student who is found plagiarizing can receive severe punishment by their school administration. But then, what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the use of someone else thought, expressions, and ideas without acknowledging them. To avoid plagiarism, learners are expected to cite their work by recognizing the authors of the information they retrieved from any source. Since plagiarism may lead to learners’ expulsion from school, it is advisable that before uploading your work to your professor for marking, you pass it through Turnitin software to check for any plagiarism.

What is Turnitin, and how do Turnitin works?

Turnitin is a web-based software that is used by many learners and instructors to check for the possible occurrence of plagiarism in content. It does that by comparing the submitted content with other texts in its database such as published webpages, published books and articles, and other submitted assignments. It is therefore expected that students cite and reference their works well to avoid plagiarism.

How does Turnitin work? To use Turnitin software, you have to create a Turnitin account and obtain the login details. When you want to submit your work for plagiarism checking, the first step is to go to assignments option. Upon clicking on the ‘go-to assignment’ option, click on ‘Add assignment.’ This will display a form for add assignment upon which you will enter the relevant details such as assignment dates and names. Once this column has been created, you can now submit your work for plagiarism checking. To submit your work, you simply log on to your Turnitin account. You then click on the class name you created, go to the ‘More options’ option, and press the submits button. You will then see spaces that you would fill in, upload your work, and submit for plagiarism checking.

The best Turnitin results – does Turnitin count references?

The percentage displayed reveals the extent to which your paper is plagiarized. The best Turnitin results should be below 10 percent plagiarism. However, sometimes, a match above 10 percent can be accepted provided that you did your referencing appropriately. But then, does Turnitin count references? Turnitin may fail to recognize reference format leading to an increase in percentage similarity index. You can never change this situation; hence it should never be a headache to you when your references are indicated as plagiarized.

Best way to cite the academic paper and how to avoid plagiarism

When citing your paper, always use a parenthetical reference where you indicate the author’s last name and date of the publication of the source. Citation differs according to the referencing style. For APA, an in-text citation is done by citing the author’s last name and the page number. For APA, however, you must include the author’s name and date of the publication. Remember that in-text citations can be done at the end of the sentence or at the beginning of the sentence. For more information on citation and referencing, seek help here The main aim of the citation is to avoid plagiarism. How to avoid plagiarism is ensuring that you cite your work correctly and passing it through Turnitin to check on any plagiarism and edit the plagiarized parts accordingly.


Overall, to be on the safe side, students must cite their work properly and use Turnitin software to check for any trace of plagiarism. Turnitin software is there for you to ensure academic integrity, deterring plagiarism, and ultimately improving your outcomes. You should purpose to submit a plagiarism-free work by acknowledging other people’s ideas and expressions in your work.

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