Link to the essay

submit a file with your draft of Essay Project 3. If you don’t have it saved, please go back to your submission for the timed writing and copy/paste it. The version you submit here should take advantage of some of the work you have done since submitting the timed writing: it should have a paragraph with PIEIE (two information and explanation), it should have the counter argument paragraph, and it should be in MLA.

Teacher comment:

This essay makes some strong points with good support, but it needs to be restructured. You start off with your thesis, but remember that the thesis needs to be the last sentence of the intro. You want to start with a hook and background information before making that official claim. Also, your body paragraphs should be PIE structured, meaning that you don’t want to start with “According to” but instead start with a reason e-cigarettes should not be banned in your own words. Each body should be a different reason from you. Then, you can give the quotes/source support. I am attaching a lecture on essay format and PlIE paragraphs for you to review and use as you revise.

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