Much of our discussion will be about how organizations craft public identities. This assignment asks you to examine the organizational identity of an organization through an ethnographic approach. First, pay attention during your shopping experiences at the ways in which particular organizations create a public image or identity at their own locations. Second, take photographs of the ways in which such organizational displays are rhetorically arranged. Finally, arrange a photo essay that includes captioning of the photographs. Include enough photographs to make your argument about the image of the organization. Captions for the photographs should include references to course concepts and theories. Websites will NOT be accepted for this assignment; you MUST physically go to an organization/store to complete the task. The essay should be at least 1200 words and include at least 5 photographs.


Objective: Compile a photoessay that explores organizational identity. You can accomplish this in a number of ways:

–   Examine one business for its construction of identity

–   Compare two similar businesses and how identity is constructed

–   Explore one theoretical element of organizational identity through multiple businesses

Course concepts: Organizational Identity: Association, Branding, Shared Values, etc

Organizational Identity: Ethos, Indiv. contributions, Differen.,

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