Example Essay Assignment

Write a thesis-driven essay that uses examples and illustrations to make concrete an abstract concept, using specific reasoning/evidence.


This assignment should follow MLA formatting guidelines.

Assignment Summary

For this assignment, you will write an essay that makes concrete an abstract concept such as a personal quality or the attraction to a heroic or model figure. You will develop a set of criteria on which you will base your judgment, and using those criteria, will explain your judgment to your audience in the form of examples and illustrations.

Assignment in Detail

First, you will decide on your hero/model or personal quality. Then, you will create a list of criteria that you may consider using to evaluate the abstraction you’ve selected. Then return to your subject and see which of these criteria it meets, and which it does not, and find examples of ways it does or does not meet your criteria. Your essay should be guided by a thesis statement that states your overall evaluation or judgment of the abstraction. The criteria you choose should be clearly defined at the beginning of your essay. You should also include a concise description of the idea underconsideration toward the beginning of your essay, since your audience may not be familiar with your subject.

Note that summarizing the text should be a small portion of the final essay.

The bulk of your essay should attempt to persuade your reader to accept your judgment of the abstraction. Thus, you will need to incorporate the most convincing and important illustrations and examples so your reader can understand the abstraction the way you do. You will also need to consider how to best factually support your reasons. (Do not use abstractions to support an abstraction.) Do not use any outside sources beyond your chosen text.

Total at least 650 words.

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