Read the following instruction and attached article carefully and write a 2-3 pages paper that must include headings before starting each new section, must include 2-3 scholarly references cited in APA, and must be 100% original.



Read the article A Global Leader’s Guide to Managing Business Conduct, that reviews research and survey data of managing business conduct from a global perspective.

You will discuss the concepts covered in this article in a short paper. Using material from the article as well as the textbook, address the following critical elements:

  1. 1.      Explain how and why the compliance and ethics programs of most companies fall short of addressing global business ethical responsibilities.
  2. 2.      Explain how companies can manage conduct and ethics with performance tools and decision-making processes to optimize business sustainability. In other words, explain how organizational leaders could apply and use data for implementing best practices in corporate culture and social responsibility.
  3. 3.      Describe how the use of data affects global brand development.

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