Draft a response to each of the bulleted questions below. Each question must have its own response and have a minimum of 75 words.

  1. Explain how human resources managers and other managers can have rewarding careers by helping their firms gain a sustainable competitive advantage through the strategic utilization of people
  2. Will technology eliminate the need for human resources managers?
  3. Provide examples of the roles and competencies of today’s HR managers and their relationship with other managers.
  4. What are the pros and cons of having a more diverse workforce? Is the United States in a better position to compete globally because of its diverse population?
  5. Explain how human resources planning and a firm’s mission, vision, and values are integrally linked to its strategy.
  6. Describe how firms evaluate their strategies and HR implementation.
  7. Explain the difference between a firm’s corporate strategy and business strategy. Why do firms need to look at both aspects?
  1. What steps does the firm need to take to implement its strategy and measure the results?

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