Complete the matrix below with 4 to 5 job skills found in the workplace that could lead to improved job performance.

Write a 500 – to 700 word summary of what you have learned about Organizational Behavior. Include the following in your summary:

Explain the connection between organizational behavior and your selected job skills from the matrix.

Discuss how these job skills can lead to improved job performance.

Explain how Organizational Behavior can aid you in decision-making and problem-solving.

Predict the consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace.

Cite at least one high quality source using APA formatting in your summary.

Additional Notes:

Complete the worksheet, following the instructions included in it.

Your summary does not need to be written as an essay, with an introduction and conclusion, title page, etc. You can simply add it below the table that is in the template provided. I would like it to otherwise follow APA formatting as much as you can, though

You should cite at least one high quality source in your summary, including an in-text citation, and a reference on a reference page. High quality sources are those that are peer-reviewed, such as academic journals and textbooks. Most sources you can find through a Google or similar search will not be considered high quality.

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