Write a 500- to 1000-word summary of what you have learned about Organizational Behavior from your current readings. Include the following in your summary:

  • Outline the three components of OB. (Please note that the OB components are not inputs, processes, and outcomes). I gave a hint in the Required Section in OB Overview. There is also additional detail in the Recommended Section : Consider This-Organizational Behavior.
  • Provide 3 to 5 job skills required in your workplace. Explain why they are critical in your company. Be sure to list skills and not factors related to personality or attitude.
  • Explain the connection between Organizational Behavior and the selected job skills that you listed above. Show the connection between the OB components and those job skills
  • Explain how Organizational Behavior knowledge can aid you in decision-making and problem solving.

  • Predict the consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace. Be sure to show consequences on all three OB components.

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