What did you discover as you debated with your colleagues about an issue this week? Did you or a colleague uncover information that made you consider altering your position? Perhaps the debate helped you to realize how much more you need to know before you are completely clear about your position. As a leader in education, you must stay abreast of the issues that matter in your specialization, regularly deepening and refreshing your knowledge to stay informed. (Ensure that this debate is related to higher education)


Submit a post covering each of the following elements:

  • Explain what you have discovered about the issue from the debate and from the resources you located for this discussion.
  • Identify answers to questions you have raised about the issue.
  • Identify new questions you have now that you have discovered more about the issue.
  • Explain how you might apply the critical analysis and research skills you have been practicing this week to your student and professional roles.

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