1.) Explain how you think you would react if, now or in the future, you discovered that you were infertile. What do you think you would do about having children? Would you have children or did you do to have children? Explain in detail. In addition, if you already experience this, please, explain how you reacted and what did you do about having children? Did you have children or did you not have children? Explain in detail.

2.) Discuss your attitudes and opinions about gay and lesbian couples having children through assisted fertility techniques or through adoption. Explain in detail.

3.) Picture groups of kindergarten boys and girls playing on the playground at recess. List at least three clear differences you are likely to see in the groups’ activities, interactions, and behaviors. Based on what you’ve read in this chapter, what might explain these differences? Explain in detail.

4.) Imagine you are looking for a new romantic relationship and you meet someone with whom you really it off. You enjoy the same activities, you share similar attitudes and beliefs, and you find each other physically and sexually attractive. As the relationship progresses and begins to grow more intimate, your new partner confides in you that he or she is transgender and has undergone sex reassignment surgery. How do you think you might react to this news? What do you think might happen from that point on in the relationship? Explain in detail.

5.) Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and your sexual orientation has changed (from straight to gay, from gay to straight, or from either to bisexual, etc.). Discuss how you might feel about such a change and how such a transformation would alter your life and your view of the world around you. Explain in detail.

6.) Imagine for a moment that you are the parent of a son or daughter (your choice) who informs you that he or she is gay. How do you think you would react? What would be the three most important things you would want to tell your child after hearing the news? Explain in detail.

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