Who Has the Power? (unless other topic has been approved)

For the written assignment, you will explain how the constitutional structure that shapes American politics. Write a 3-4 page paper on the relative power of the president, Congress, and the federal judiciary in which you complete the following:

  • Of the president, Congress, and the Supreme Court, rank which you think has the most power, which has the second most, and which has the least. Support your position with specific examples.
  • If you think that two or all three have equal amounts of power, explain why.Discuss limitations on the power of each branch of government. Be sure to consider Articles I, II & III of the US Constitution. Does it make a difference if powers are implied or enumerated? Do current events make a difference in a branch’s level of power? Please provide examples to strengthen your arguments.

Draw extensively on information from all relevant chapters of textbook (which may count as one of you sources) and relevant presentations. Use well-constructed paragraphs and senten

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