Explain the state aid provided..

You were required in Week Three (attached) to choose what aspect of the Hurricane Katrina response you will focus upon. The paper should be in response to Case Study 5 in American Intergovernmental Relations: A Fragmented Federal Polity, “System Failure: The Response to Hurricane Katrina” (pp. 248-254).

For example, you could focus on the evacuation of stranded New Orleans residents; the provision of emergency food and medical equipment in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane; coordinating and implementing temporary housing (e.g., FEMA trailers) to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina; economic assistance provided to cities, towns, and villages along the Gulf Coast; the reestablishment of law and order in the city of New Orleans.

For your chosen topic, be sure to address the following:

  1. Explain the state aid provided.
  2. Explain the federal aid provided.
  3. Explain if there was any federal-state cooperation.
  4. Analyze intergovernmental cooperation in relationship to your topic.
  5. Analyze the challenges faced by state and federal agencies and address how those challenges impacted support provided.
  6. Analyze the lessons that were learned as a result of the disaster. In hindsight, include one example of what might have been done differently.
  7. Suggest at least one recommendation for how a similar natural disaster might be handled by federal, state, and intergovernmental agencies in the future.

Explain the state aid provided.

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