Philosophy of Instructional Leadership

Now that you have spent a few weeks studying and talking about instructional leadership, you are ready to create a Philosophy of Instructional Leadership paper. Look back at all of the Readings and Discussions in this course and create a paper that follows this framework:


  • 5-6 pages
  • Follows APA style for formatting, citation, and references
  • Contains at least four references, with two being outside of the course readings

Section 1: Definition of Instructional Leadership

Explain what you now understand about what an instructional leader does and believes. Use the resources of the course, outside resources and appropriate sections of your interview to develop this section.

Section II: Defining Yourself as an Instructional Leader

In Unit 1, you assessed yourself as an instructional leader. Now you will define yourself in terms of your understanding of what you must do to be an instructional leader. This should not be a repeat of the assessment you wrote in Unit 1, as this is a definition piece where you look at where you are now as an instructional leader based on new knowledge and experiences. Use the resources of the course, outside resources, and appropriate sections of your interview to develop this section.

Section III: Looking to the Future

Where would you like to be in terms of leadership in the position you hold now or in a future position? You may still want to be an instructional leader in a classroom or you may want to be a titled administrator in a school or other educational setting. Research the requirements needed to hold this position and form a plan for acquiring the skills needed for the position. Use websites for school districts, colleges, etc. to determine what the requirements are for this position. List and discuss specific classes, trainings, or experiences that you will need to meet the requirements and how you will achieve these.

This Assignment is due at the end of Unit 5 and is worth 180 points. Please refer to the Rubrics link under Course Home for specific grading criteria.

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