1. Week 3

There are four ways that goals directly affect negotiation.

Provide an example of a negotiation situation from the experience, where one of the four ways directly impacted the selection of your strategy.

Analyze how you would implement the planning process into a negotiation situation to achieve your goals.

Please be specific and detailed in your answers.

  1. Week 5

Hot or Cold: Is Communicating Anger or Threats More Effective in Negotiation

Read the required article for this week’s discussion, and answer the following question:

Are threats or anger more effective in negotiation?

Please discuss the authors’ findings on the issue, and provide your own input based on the experience.

  1. Week 6

Power of Information

Informational source of power is considered the most important power in negotiation.

Explain why negotiators prefer information over any other form of power in the negotiation process.

Provide an example of how power of information can be used in negotiation.

4 Week 7

Read “10 Ways that Culture Can Influence Negotiation” on page 254 – 258, and analyze how FIVE of them influence Western culture. For example, Americans view negotiating as a competitive process and signing a contract. Be specific and provide examples when necessary.

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