Due 07/26

Thorstein Veblen Questions

Explain why society is a complex organism?

Please list traits and instincts in pair

Explain predatory instinct VS the instinct of workmanship, difference?

It does not have to be right. You need to explore Veblen’s use of antagonistic ideas.

Explain why production is a social process? Not a private property

Explain instinct of workmanship VS predatory instinct, difference?

Explain why private property roots in the predatory instinct?

Explain why predatory instinct in the society oppresses women?

Predatory instinct makes people look up to the higher class? Hierarchy of jobs?

Conspicuous consumption? To show prowess?

Principal means of cultural discipline and social control? Explain the treadmill of emulative consumption.

Is socialism inevitable for Veblen? No, explain?

1200 words, do not copy or plugin references, I will use plagiarism checker

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