The purpose of this exercise is to explore some of the varied views, opinions, and representations of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.   Choose one aspect of health care system reform that was included in the legislation.  Find 2 news or opinion articles (published either before or after the law was passed) to present opposing or different perspectives on the selected reform (example: for/againstprohibition of coverage exclusions for pre-existing conditions).  The articles may come from any source–a newspaper, magazine, association newsletter, or professional journal article.  Use the Kingdon model concepts to describe the issue.

Cite both of the articles and post a link to the original articles.

  1.  Summarize the main points of both articles in your own words.
  1.    Identify the significant stakeholders (individuals and/or groups) for each side.
  1. How does each side define the problem?  Do they agree on the problem?
  1. What solution to the problem does each side identify?
  1. After reading the competing views, explain which definition of the problem and the solution you find more convincing (and why).  If neither convinces you, state why.
  1. Define the problem using a Problem Statement question.  What do you suggest for a solution?  You can support one of the article’s solutions or offer an alternative option.

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