(Due on 9-18-2016 at 11:15 AM)

All submissions must be computer-generated files. Make sure you upload your Power Point presentation on Moodle before the stated deadline

The class will be divided into three groups based on last names alphabetical order. These groups are listed below. Students in each one of these groups will be assigned one of the three topics described at the end of this assignment statement. For example. Students in group #1 are assigned the first topic, and those in group #2 are assigned the second topic, etc.

For an assigned security topic, a student will use the Web to find essential information on the assigned topic then will prepare a professional-quality power- point presentation that summarizes her/his findings. The files for all presentations must be uploaded into Moodle before the stated deadline.

All students are required to present their Power Points in class according to the following presentation schedule. Each presentation MUST not exceed five minutes.


    1. This is my given topic is described below:

    3. Explore the technique known as “iterative and incremental development.” Then research “agile development.” Make sure you also compare and contrast the two techniques in your presentation.

    Make sure you list all resources you used in your presentation including URLs or other references

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