I will give you the background of the firm also give you the table to help your work.(all in the WORD file, It’s pictures)

NOTE: I only need the answer of question4,qustion5 and question 6. So your job is not working on all questions.

I need the EXCEL and WORD form to explain it. So please give me the detail and the process how you work on it.

My requirements is that you should write like an analyze about the firm, not just answer the question.it’s more like a report.. (This is very important) And for the WORD part, I need at least 3 pages.

Ps: I don’t need the answer which download from any website, I need your own work.

Otherwise, after this, please do a PowerPoint when you finished all the above, 6 pages is fine.

Please make sure that you could finish it on time!

Thanks to watch this.

My best!

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