This assignment is designed to provide you with hands-on experience in performing descriptive statistical methods on a data set. The

data set is provided in an Excel workbook and contains a wide range to data types that you will need to work with.

Using the data provided in the attached Excel workbook, apply the methods of graphical and numerical descriptive statistics.

Follow the instructions in the project document to analyze the data presented in the Excel workbook. Then complete a report

summarizing the results in your Excel workbook.

Important note on the report: for this project, your report will be a power point file. Create a title slide, a n introduction slide, then

the slides displaying your results, and at the end a conclusions and references slide. Make sure to give a good presentation format to

your graphs, don’t just copy your raw graphs from excel, given the proper X- Y-axes labels, make sure the text is big enough to be

easily read, give. Give your tables a good presentation. Both figures and tables need a good title followed by a short description of

the data the present. Titles for tables go on the top, for figures on the bottom. Make sure your power point report looks

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