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Re:Module 8 DQ 2

?Now that you have completed this course on multivariate statistics, what has impressed you the most with this expanded knowledge of possibilities for richer designs to test more complex questions? How has this course influenced the focus of your own dissertation research? How confident do you feel that you could do a quantitative research project for your own dissertation (with guidance from your committee members)? How confident do you feel selecting a research design that would use multivariate statistics? How confident do you feel using SPSS? Explain your conclusions. (Research support is not required for this question.)

The concepts of this class have been a struggle for me.  Therefore, I am still a little afraid of my skill set and knowledge regarding the research required for dissertation.  I feel like I did decently with SPSS when I had detailed instructions in front of me.  I do not feel like I could use the program  on its own in order to gain answers in my research.  Having said that, I have enjoyed how the forum part of the discussions has helped me to really think about the factors I would like to study within my area of research.  I confess that I had not given much thought regarding how to make the information quantifiable.  I am impressed with how the discussion questions opened up room for critical thinking and personal growth regarding the topics of interest and how to refine them.  I have felt for a while that a quantitative approach would probably be best for research, however determining the right tests and instrumentation will continue to prove tricky in my mind.  I hope that as I continue to progress in school, I will be able to gain more knowledge in this subject.

Brian Cicero 

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Re:Module 8 DQ 1

For what types of research are causal modeling and factor analysis appropriate? Would either of these designs be meaningful to your own dissertation research? Why or why not? (Research support is not required for this question.)

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