APA format Cite Work

Question 1

Give three examples of problems likely to be found when policies for versioning, regression testing, and promotion are managed poorly.

Questions 2

Discuss the components, definition, and categories of building blocks.

Question 3

Illustrate the problems that arise when the building block and design patterns are not fully understood and the impacts on a SOA environment.

APA format Cite Work

Locate 20 article on the following;

One article specific to the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) knowledge domain using academic databases such as the ACM database, IEEE database, INFORMS database, Elsevier database, or Google Scholar.

The article should be academically credible and not include popular literature sources such as Wikipedia.

Task Description

Key areas to focus on for your written review are:

  1. Identifies the research problem
  2. Methodology used in the research
  3. Any research questions the authors used
  4. Goals and objectives of the research
  5. Research Outcome
  6. Areas for further research

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