Submit your final report documenting your company’s global expansion proposal, analyzing the risks, hedging, and financing, and provide an overall executive summary.

Also, complete and add Section 3, Part D: Repatriation of Funds and the executive summary.

Kumyiah, your work on Milestone #2 was very good. Thank you for submitting your Milestone #2 on time. WAY AHEAD OF TIME!!!! I appreciate it. The paper was well organized, thank you for using the template. You have provided quite a lot of information, pulled correct info from the financial statements, which was expected in this part of the Final Project. Please keep the writing portion of this milestone as is the final project. Now, for the final project, you need to expand on the spreadsheet. That would be my suggestion for final paper J Please let me know if you have any questions. Zuzana

  1. Current Impacts – YES –
  2. Mitigate Foreign Exchange Rate Risk- YES
  3. Financial Impact- YES and NO – you need at least couple of subsidiaries for the Final Project. I know it is hard, but please try to find them.
  4. Future Mitigation Strategies– Yes
  5. APA – YES.
  6. References – YES
  7. Ontime – Yes

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