Create Your Own Hashtag Campaign

Assignment Topic

Design your own social media hashtag campaign to raise awareness of environmental problems, environmental racism, and/or environmental justice issues and to encourage change related to these issues using the planning questions below. Record responses to the questions and submit for grading.

Assignment Directions

This week, you are required to create a new hashtag campaign. In order to prepare for this assignment, review the following questions.

Remember This

  1. What are at least two environmental issues you are passionate about or connect to? Why are these issues important?
  2. What is a social media hashtag campaign you have been influenced by and why?
  3. What are possible hashtags you might use for your campaign? List a four to five possibilities, and state your favorite.
  4. What would be the purpose of your campaign?
  5. Who would be your intended audience and why?
  6. What would you hope to achieve with your campaign? How might this campaign influence thought or action in real life? Describe at least two goals.
  7. What is the final title of your hashtag campaign?

Assignment Deliverables

Present a summary of your own Hashtag Campaign. This may be in any one of the following formats:

  • A written APA-styled paper (three to four pages double-spaced, not counting the cover page and reference page)

Grading Rubric

Content6060%Summary addressed all of the key questions posed in the assignment guidelines
Analysis1010%Appropriate analysis and connection from variety of sources to stated topic
Execution1010%Basic knowledge of format and mechanics is met depending on form of assignment selected by student

Wherever applicable, sources are cited and included under references (a separate file can be included for references, depending on the format used)

Essays and PowerPoint files have cover page (slide), citations, and reference page (slide)

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation1010%

Free of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors

Total100100% A quality assignment meets or exceeds expectations listed.

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