Create an Account class ( that a bank might use to represent a customer’s bank account.


  1. Include a private variable of type int to represent the account balance.
  2. Provide a constructor that has a parameter for initial balance and uses it to initialize the account balance.
  3. Provide 3 member functions:
    • credit – adds an amount passed as an argument to the current balance.
    • debit – withdraws an amount passed as an argument from the current balance.
    • getBalance – returns the balance amount.
  4. Create a program ( that creates two Account objects and validate the methods of the class Account. (Call the methods passing the appropriate values to make sure they produce the expected results.)


  1. Grading
    • 0 points if your program does not compile.
    • +5 for comments, indentation and placement of {} per Style Guide.
    • +5 for each specification met.
  2. Submission: Attach your and files and submit.

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