These 6 pages are parts of 18 pages that i am going to do at the end of the semester. that means there is no conclusion for this paper. just keep it open and organized as shown in the guidance sheet. first of all, I want you to edit the abstract paper that I wrote. This is not a just research paper. I should have an argument, and my argument is why women wear high heels while they know how it affect them in a bad way ( you will know more about my vision in the abstract page that I wrote). Also, I want you to use my sources that I will send to u. Also, If u have more sources to add, just add them and update my resource. I am planning to do all the 18 pages with u guys, so I hope the person who will write these 6 pages now continuo my papers later. the Paper should be in font size is 11. I hope that everything is clear. If u have any question call me.

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