You must answer both questions and all segments of each question.  Since this is combined for two posts–the point total is 100.  Your word count will max out 1200 words.

1.  How can cooking be seen as an art form rather than a science? What are some examples from the readings? Who was underrepresented in the culinary arts? Why? What role does tradition serve in both the home and “professional” settings?  What is the “tortilla discourse?” How is the history of the colonization of the Americas depicted through food? According to Abarca, what is the significance of recipes? Kitchen talk? How can food be seen as a system of communication?

2.  Characters in Like Water for Chocolate show that native influences are a significant part of the Chican@/Latin@ culture and family. Explain what roles do these cultural practices play in the movie? Food has a distinct role in the film. It is linked to emotion, passion, family and culture in many ways. What are some of the visible ways food plays similar roles in your home, family, or culture? If possible, share specific examples and connect it to Abraca’s ideas/terms.

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