(Give brief but complete answers to these questions. Each is worth 2 points for 20 possible points.)

1. How did John Locke’s Liberalism revolutionize the medieval idea of human nature?

2. What is the difference between the “public” and “private” spheres in society, according to Liberalism? Where do women belong?

3. According to Mary Wollstonecraft, what happened to the newly-created “caste” of married, middle-class women because they were deprived of a real education?

4. On what basis did Wollstonecraft argue that women deserved an education?

5. What are the two areas of public life that Harriet Taylor Mill added to Wollstonecraft’s demand for women’s equality with middle-class men?

6. What was the most important difference of opinion between Harriet Taylor and John Stuart Mill on the subject of women’s quest for rights and equality?

7. What did Betty Friedan mean by “the feminine mystique?”

8. What did Friedan mean by “the feminist mystique?”

9. How did Friedan change the meaning of the goal of equality for women?

10. What do you consider the most important criticism of Liberal Feminism?


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