I would like you to write me a paper on that is 7 pages (excluding references and cover page), Times New Romans, font 12, 1.5 spacing. Clearly, use titles in bold e.g. (Introduction, Body paragraphs, Conclusion) and subheading of each body paragraph in italics e.g. (Muslim Arabs representations in Hollywood pre- and post-9/11Films portrayed Muslims Arab as Terrorists and its continuityNegative impacts of Muslims Arabs being represented as Terrorists).

The research topic is: 

Muslims Arab Representation as Terrorists in American Cinema post 9/11.

More explanation on the paper: 

Stereotypes of Muslims Arab in American Cinema are many. Portraying Muslims Arab as political violent “Terrorists” was a major theme pertaining American film industry from time to time. Thus, Muslims Arab representation as terrorists is leaving negative consequences on their life in the Western communities. Giving examples from films screened recently ( and since 9/11 incident), my paper will focus on how the image of Muslims Arab as terrorists which screened continuously in Hollywood has affected their life in Western communities. Moreover, it will seeks to understand how such stereotype of “terrorists” has changed the interaction of westerns and muslims in the Global North, and how the western became xenophobic or in other word ‘Islamophobic’.

Research questions:  

  • How did the representation of Muslims Arab as Terrorists evolved since 9/11 incident in Hollywood?
  • What are the major examples of films screened before and after 9/11 incident that portray Muslims Arab as Terrorists?
  • How did such representation has negatively affected their relationship and interaction in the Western communities?

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