Qualitative research question based on the area of research interest

  1. How do deaf adults manage to pursue their academics and their career successfully given the state of stigma of deafness in our society?

This question will guide the study methods accordingly and give a direction for a rational theoretical framework for the study. It will serve as the foundation for the emergency of the sub-questions for the study. It will clearly offer a potential direction for the study design and data collection mechanism and analysis (Rubin, & Rubin, 2005).


  1. What comes in your mind when you see people with hearing aid?

This question will try to give the opinion of once perception upon coming across a deaf individual and give a broader insight of how the affected perceive themselves in the society.

  1. How do you perceive the relationship between loss of hearing and disability?

This question will try to give more understanding beyond the area of study and the manner in which the society may interact with other disabled people.

  1. How was your relationship with your classmate?

This question will draw the attention of the researcher to understand how the deaf managed to socialize with their age-mate in class

  1. How is your relationship with your colleagues at the workplace?

The question will also try to bring the understanding of the level of socialization the deaf have in connection with the place of work and whether they feel comfortable with such a relationship.

  1. How does the leadership style of the managers in the workplace contribute to your success?

This question will help the researcher understand as to whether the person is comfortable with the working environment as well as their role in the workplace.

  1. What do you belief you can do better if you had not lost your hearing ability?

In this question it will enable the researcher understand how the affected person feel about his or her state and whether they admit their state.

  1. How to do your about stigma in relation to your healing problem?

With this question, the researcher will get to understand how the deaf have been able to survive despite the negative perception of the society they live.

  1. What advice can you give to others who have lost their hearing ability?

The researcher will be able to understand how the deaf perceive one another and ho their relationship can be in case they interact.

  1. What advice can you give to the society with respect to loss of hearing?

This question will enable the researcher understand whether the society act as a barrier to their success and how much they can accomplish if accepted in the society in the manner they are.

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