The program files (visual studio) will be provided that explain it.

A missile is fired at 12:30 PM and laser needs to fire every 2 degrees starting from 1 to 179. But it takes 85 seconds to fire the laser again. So each new time node on the list the time needs to be incremented by 85 seconds.

How do I correctly store a starting value inside a linked list and then increment it.

my_time.h and my_time.c –> modified to hide the definition of the structure of time through the use of pointers and forward declarations and to increment seconds, minutes, and hours, and extended with a function to add seconds to an existing time. The heading for this additional function should be: void addSeconds(my_time t, double s); Only the whole number portion of the double value should be added to the time variable;

node.h and node.c –> linked-list node definitions which will facilitate the creation of a linked-list of anything;

firing_solution.h and firing_solution.c –> the specification and implementation (respectively) of a firing solution. A firing solution should be implemented as a pointer to a struct which consists of: o the time the laser should be fired (as a my_time value); o the degree at which the laser should be aimed (as an int); and o the resulting coordinate at which impact with the missile would occur (either as a new ADT, as a struct, or simply as two double fields, x and y). and the operations should include a getter and setter for each field.

assig_two216.c –> the file which contains the main() function and other functi

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