1. How do you define art? What criteria must a work of art meet in order for you to consider it art? Explain.

2. Which of the following art forms that we’ll be studying this semester do your prefer: literature, painting, sculpture, photography, music, architecture, film, theater, OR dance? Explain why. How does this art form fit into your definition of art (from Question 1)? Only discuss ONE type of art. If you have more than one type that you like, choose ONE to write about.

Please note: If you don’t have a preferred art form, then pick ONE that you like in order to answer this question. If you tell me that you don’t have a preferred type and leave your answer at that – you will get a “0” for your answer.

3. Based on your preferred art form (from question 2) who is your favorite artist? Explain why. How does this artist fit into your criteria for what you consider good art (from question 1)? Explain. Please only discuss ONEartist. If you have more than one that you love, then only write about ONE.

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