Many organizations today do not utilize business analytics to help them with their decision-making processes. For some organizations, it could be a lack of knowledge about how to apply it, and for other organizations, it could be a lack of technology. When managers do not feel applying business analytics is worth their time or they feel that it is too complicated, they will not utilize it. If you were to work for a company that did not utilize business analytics, how would you convince them that they should?

Use these sources to respond to the following questions:

Gessner, G., & Scott, R. A., Jr. (2009). Using business intelligence tools to help manage costs and effectiveness of business-to-business inside-sales programs. Information Systems Management, 26(2), 199–208.


Van Decker, J. E. (2012). What CFOs want from IT. Financial Executive, 28(6), 66–67.


Respond to the following questions:

  • How do you think business analytics can help your current organization with their decision-making processes?
  • What challenges do you anticipate in getting your organization to implement and utilize business analytics?
  • How would you approach management in regards to getting them to implement business analytics?
  • Why should you have an understanding of statistics in order to utilize and implement business analytics?
  • What would be some challenges in using business analytics?

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