Complete the Values Checklist and compare your answers to the dominant U.S. cultural patterns discussed in Chapter 8 of our text. Then address the following questions:
How do your values compare to the dominant United States cultural patterns?
Which three values on this list are the most important to you?
Can you identify when and where you first learned these three values?
Do these three values affect how you communicate? If so, how?
Do these three values affect your intercultural communication?
Week 3 – Discussion 2

Read the online article “Politeness Makes Perfect”and the online article “Business Across Cultures: Etiquette at Work” regarding the concept of politeness and how it manifests itself in oral communications among people in Japanese and Indonesian society.How do you think views of politeness in these cultures compare with views of politeness in United States culture? Is the term “politeness” interpreted in the same or in different ways? Provide at least three statements and behaviors Americans use that demonstrate the value placed on politeness in U.S. culture
Please separate discussion 1 from discussion 2

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