1. Introduction
  2. Defining performance appraisals
  3. Define performance appraisal
  4. Components of performance appraisal
  5. Job analysis and descriptions
  6. Define job analysis
  7. Define job description
  8. How does job analysis and job description relevant to determining a performance appraisal.
  9. The purpose of the performance appraisals
  10. Reason performance appraisals are conducted
  11. Importance of performance appraisals
  12. Responsibilities associated with performance appraisals
  13. Managements responsibility and role in performance appraisal
  14. Employees responsibility and role in performance appraisal
  15. The timing associated with performance appraisals
  16. How often performance appraisals are conducted, ie (annually, quarterly, monthly reviews)
  17. The advantage and disadvantage of performance appraisals
  18. Advantage of performance appraisal for management and employee
  19. Disadvantage of performance appraisal for management and employee
  20. Formal performance appraisal verses informal performance appraisal system
  21. Define formal performance appraisal
  22. Define informal performance appraisal
  23. Clear differences between both performance appraisal systems
  24. Written methods
  25. Pertinent information to include into performance appraisal
  26. The appraisal feedback positives and negatives
  27. Training requirement for management and employees
  28. Management training
  29. Employee training
  30. Conclusion

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