How Fast Are Pedestrians Crossing the Road & Are the Traffic Signals Helping Them?

In this assignment, we are asked to conduct 2 1-hour observations to evaluate how people walking interact with pedestrian signal indications.
The study that you will be using as a model can be found at:

the assignment is basically redoing the study above, but with different location.
The locations are . (NE 82nd & Jonesmore & SW Capital Hwy & Sunset)
(the data for this assignment is already bean collected, i would like to paraphrase the model paper found in the link above and. for the following parts( Abstarct, introduction, related works, data collection , PEDESTRIAN COMPLIANCE AT STUDY CROSSWALKS , CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS).

Please paraphrase the model paper ( put it in your own words and making it a little bet shorter ) and i will put in the gathered data. the top study was in new York, while this study is in Portland Oregon. please be aware that their is a lot less traffic.

for the related works section (please use the model paper as a reference)

Read Section 5.3.3 in the Signal Timing Manual and the relevant section of the MUTCD Section 4E. (

Choose two intersections with pedestrian signal displays. Visit each location and prepare a photo essay of the conditions. Evaluate the signal timing for each crossing. Was the signal timing sufficient for the pedestrian crossings? Were there intervals of time at the intersection that seemed unique. Measure the distance in Google Earth and confirm during your site observation.
Watch each of the signalized intersections you selected for at least 30 minutes, collecting data on at least 20 people using the intersection. Record the time of arrival for each person, their walking speed, when they entered the intersection (did they have trouble with vehicles not yielding to them)? Were people driving obeying the red indications?
Write up a report summarizing your experience. Identify other research that is relevant to this topic (cite what you found).

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