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How has the relatively recent (2008 or so) economic downturn affected you or members of your family? Will this situation change your educational or career plans? Clearly large numbers of people have lost their jobs, mortgage foreclosures have been at record levels. Has this changed the way you view your future? Do you find it disturbing that under our “free market” system large corporations require “bailouts” to stay in business while the CEO’s receive huge bonuses? What about “bailouts” for countries? Are these symptoms of a flawed economic system?

Most of you are probably aware of the recent scandal involving Wells Fargo Bank. The number of phony accounts created and resulting fees to unsuspecting consumers is almost unbelievable. Do you believe upper management was unaware of this situation as they claim? This is not the only financial institution that has committed this type of fraud, but this is certainly one of the largest in recent memory. Are the larger banks “too big” to regulate and control?

In your opinion, has this economic crisis or the numerous corporate scandals in the U.S. changed  the way other countries/cultures view the U.S.? Do you think the current trend towards globalization makes us more vulnerable to economic swings?

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