Part 1:

Public health and the maintenance of the same is integral to any developed nation. To that end, in the United States, federal, state, and local agencies must work to establish guidelines, rules, and requirements that provide baselines to protect the health of the public at large. Using information from the textbook, the library, and/or the Internet, answer the following questions in a presentation of 2–3 pages, and provide properly cited sources to support your answers:

  • How is public health defined?
  • Why should the government be charged with the management of public health?
  • On the federal level, how does the Center for Disease Control (CDC) monitor and manage public health?
  • How do departments of health on the state and the local level contribute to the maintenance and management of public health?
  • Are public health agencies on the federal, state and local level successful in ensuring that public health is maintained?

Part 2:

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