For this assignment, choose an article on a health issue, a news clip on a health issue, or a clip of a health-related TV show.  It could be about a particular illness (physical or mental), about preventing illnesses, about staying healthy in general or about a new health concern.  Write 1-2 pages about this article or clip.  First, describe the article or clip.    What illness or other health issue is it about?  Next, tell me about the source of the article.  Do you think it is a reputable source?  Why or why not?  Next, answer at least 2 of the following questions, using at least 2 terms or concepts from the textbook or lecture.

  1. If this is about an illness, has this always been considered an illness? If not, when do you think it began to be considered an illness?  Why?
  2. How is this article or clip related to the “sick role”?
  3. Is this article by a doctor, or does it at least include quotes/citations from a doctor? If so, why is this important?  If not, why might this be a problem, and do you think people will trust the information in this article/clip?
  4. Do you think this illness or health issue affects a particular class, race, or gender more than others? Why?  Is this addressed in the article?
  5. Is there any stigma associated with this illness/health issue? If so, why do you think this is?  How might this affect people with this illness/health issue?
  6. If it is about a mental illness and a type of treatment is suggested, what is the treatment? Do you think this is treated differently than in the past?
  7. If this is about a global health issue, what countries or regions are affected the most? Why do you think this is?
  8. Does the article/clip frame this illness or health issue as an individual problem, or a social problem? Do you agree?

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