Assignment 1. Nutrition quiz. Please answer the following in your own words providing 75-100 word count per question.

1. If you were deficient in vitamin B12 but took large amounts of folic acid from supplements, would you develop macrocytic anemia? Why or why not?


2. What is meant by “diuretic drink”? What diuretic drinks do you consume on a daily basis? How can these affect your health?

3. How might taking vitamin supplements have positive and negative effects on your body based on your diet? What is the consensus among nutrition experts regarding supplements? What is your opinion on taking supplements?

4. How would you avoid dehydration? Refer to PDF Attachment avoiding dehydration

5. Can you drink too much water? refer to video ASAP Science: Can you drink too much water at:



6. What does Vitamin B do for metabolism? Refer to Word Document Attachment Vitamin B and Metabolism



7. Why do you think the US has become more obese over the years? Why are people with lower income statistically more obese than the rest of the country? Is society to blame? Why or why not?



8. Think critically: Based on the graph, which country has the highest per capita bottled water consumption? What factors might increase a country’s consumption of bottled water? Refer to last slide of Water Graph PowerPoint attachment



9. Why is bone loss accelerated in young girls who are not menstruating?



10. Provide ideas to fight childhood obesity.

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