As you’ve read in your text, theories about behavior modification include social learning theory, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning.  First, read the articles and watch the videos below on each of these theories:

  1. Bandura – Social Learning Theory
  2. Bobo Doll Experiment (Bandura) [Video file]
  3. Classical Conditioning
  4. Classical Conditioning [Video file]
  5. Skinner – Operant Conditioning
  6. Overview of Operant Conditioning [Video file]

Then, review the case study of Ms. Bosco’s class, Level A- Case 1 in “Norms & Expectations.”  How might you increase Ron’s understanding and commitment to the established classroom norms and procedures, beginning with the morning routine? Think about the three behavior theories you learned this week. Which theory might best fit this situation for behavior modification?  Why?

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