Please construct a thoughtful 350 word main response addresses the questions posed in your option. You should spell check, edit for grammar, include quotes or paraphrased examples from our readings or my lectures (cites of course in the most simple way possible or your personal favorite MLA, APA, or Chicago style), then respond to two other people in 150 word responses. I do, by the way, count as a person so if you respond to something I post, that counts. Keep in mind, you are responsible for knowing about all of the material, even though you get to pick your favorite to write about. The same applies to every week. I am looking forward to learning more about the topics with you.

Option A: The Civil War pit brother against brother. Issues that had long divided North from South finally erupted in blows. We have pondered questions relating to violence and religion, slavery and religion, and ideals verses realities. I’d love to read your thoughts on the justifications, religious, for slavery and against slavery, religious justifications of certain types of violence, and the Civil War.  I know, this is a big subject. But it is so important. How was religion used/misused to promote abolition, to promote the war, and to “defend” slavery.

Option B: I have a deep appreciation for transcendentalism.  I love the literature and the heart of this movement. Please discuss what it was, how it could be used to develop an inclusive unified society, and what elements of it resonate with the religions and/or philosophies we studied (maybe Deism?)

Option C: I’m going to experiment.  I’ve bossed you around all semester. It is only fair that I allow you the freedom to design one Db yourself. So here it is. Your chance. Design and answer your own questions about the Civil War, Muslims in America, Transcendentalism, make a Crash Course in Rel in America that sums up our work…you are in charge. You can make your own video or write your work as usual. Dazzle us :-)

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