For this paper, you are going to access how you resolve conflict and how willing you are to employ creative strategies.   On page 180 of your book, your author identifies five questions to help you identify your approach to resolving conflicts:

Respond to EACH Question and for EACH Question provide an EXAMPLE  (use a different example for each response) of a situation that you have been involved in that supports your answer to the question.

Each response should be 2-3 paragraphs.   If you disagree, please make sure you clarify why and provide an explanation.

  1. You have learned countless ways of solving problems.  How well have you learned not to solve them?  How willing are you to live with paradox, riddle, polarity and enigma?  Do you understand that by solving your problems too quickly, you could cheat yourself out of learning from them?
  2. You have solved thousands of problems and learned a great deal in your life.  How open are you to discovering what you have learned is irrelevant or wrong?  How do you stay in touch with your ignorance?  How good are you at unlearning?  How able are you to live in the present without being caught up in past problems or future solutions?
  3. You know how to make things happen.  Do you know how to let them happen naturally and fluidly on their own?   Do you know how to not intervene?  Can you let things happen to you, or simply watch them as they happen?  Are you addicted to controlling the outcome or the process?
  4. You understand a great deal about what is.  Do you also understand what is not, and what could not be?  Do you see not only what, but who is in front of you?  Do you understand that what you understand includes the nature or your own understanding?
  5. You have developed a number of strengths and achieved successes.  Do you recognize that for every strength there is a corresponding weakness?  Do you understand that continued success leads to complacency, while failure leads to learning and change?  Are you certain about what success is and what is failure.

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