.    1.Students, as a manager you may find things that will happen outside of your sphere of control.  Let’s take unplanned absence within your team.  One of your key resources is now suddenly out of the office for six weeks due to an unplanned surgery.  As a manager, you have planned to use this same resource to complete a project that has a deadline within two weeks. This resource has all the expertise needed to complete this project. In this case, the manager will creatively have to come up with another course of action.

Students, what are some of the options this manager can use to get this project completed by the original deadline? How will the other functions of management such as organizing, become affected by this resource being out of the office?

  1.   3.Trade Barriers
  1.   4. Environmental Factors
  1. Technical Skills
  1.   5.Management Skills
  1.   6.Management and Its History

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