For Discussion Board 1:

  1. READ the short essay attached above: “1585: John White paints Virginia” (Gaudio).
  1. Next: Go to “Virtual Jamestown” to see a fascinating side-by-side comparison of White’s original paintings & the altered engravings DeBry used in his book.  Choose a few & click through to the details of the changes made and the explanations.

Reflect and post: How would you describe the images of Native Americans in White’s paintings?  How are they similar / different from the images of Native Americans our culture has today?  How do think DeBry’s changes affect the image & the perception of the Europeans viewing them?  Why do you suppose he made those changes?  What did he hope to accomplish?


You may need following information to answer above questions.

VISIT the websites below and examine the depictions of life in Virginia through the eyes of an Englishman of the day.

John White paintings – Roanoke Virginia


White’s paintings and Thos. Hariot’s observations were published as “A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (1590), Theodore DeBry, publisher.  See a brief bio of Hariot here

— make sure to scroll down to the section on Roanoke and a Briefe and True Report.

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