ENG 205

Discussion board: Migration and Arrival

How would you describe the relationship these three authors (Bradford, Bradstreet and Taylor) have with God?  Trusting, frightened, grateful, confident, or ????  Illustrate your remarks with support from the texts.

Actually, we should read textbook beside the following links, but my textbook has not reached me yet. You can search the introduction of those authors from internet.

For this discussion board, 250-350 words.

  1. William Bradford (1590-1657)


  1. Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672)

1666, July 10_ A poet’s house in Andover burns down in the middle of the night.pdf (attached)

  1. Edward Taylor (1642-1729)



Do you remember the response 1 I gave you on Wednesday? Here is a work from another student. I also need an around 100 words to reply his work. Just like which point do you agree or disagree with him, and why.

The images of Native Americans portrayed in White’s paintings are an exact replica of what I would assume Native Americans to have looked like during this time in history. White chooses to paint in color and I would believe that these pictures look more like photographs taken by camera than they do as hand-drawn paintings.

The difference between the images of Native Americans drawn by White and images from today’s interpretation is that White’s paintings express a cultural sense of establishment. In photos from today’s intepretation, we see Native Americans with different clothing (fashionable, jewelry) and are mainly carrying some form of hunting weapon. White’s photos eliminate the myths of what we assume is the typical culture of Native Americans.

Debry’s changes affect the image in a way that adds more of a “story” or background. In contrast between White’s and Debry’s images, White’s images are simplistic while Debry’s images have more detail included. The perception of Debry’s images from a European point of view allows the viewer to clearly see the facial expressions of the Native Americans and also grasp a “story” from looking at the backgrounds displayed in the image. Debry may have made these changes to enhance the lifestyle of Native Americans for Europeans to witness and hoped to accomplish a new and more realistic view of the lives of Native Americans.

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